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Show all published queries in profile
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I've published a lot of queries, but only recently noticed that only my ten most-recently published queries appear in my profile. That makes it hard to find the other queries I've published, unless I recorded the link somewhere else. Let's make it possible to view all published queries (and possibly all "starred" and "draft" queries?) on the profile page. Possible implementations include an expandable list, or a paginated list, or an infinite scroll. Whatever we chose, we should make sure it'll scale up. And we should also think about forward compatibility with any category/tag system we want to build (see T76127).

I marked this as "high" because it's easy to "lose" a published query when you don't have a good way to look it up within the tool. That can result in lost/duplicated work for the user.

See also
T86512: Number of queries shown in profile is wrong

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Temporary solution.

In the "Recent queries" page add ?limit=5000 to page URL, so you (currently) get all queries. Then you can search for your username. Yes, it isn't a simple way, but at least it works

Change 225473 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yuvipanda):
Do not limit number of queries displayed on user pages

Change 225473 merged by jenkins-bot:
Do not limit number of queries displayed on user pages

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It's a bit unweildy but works now!

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