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Special:search on article namespace also returns article(s) from the Draft: namespace.
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A search for "acclaimed single also reached" (including the quotation marks) returns Draft:Slaptop with a date of 5 November 2014. The draft article has been edited at least 7 times since then. Searching with Advanced search in both the Article and the Draft namespaces returns what looks like two versions of the article. Editing the actual draft (in the Draft: namespace) does not change what is shown in the search results in the Article namespace; that index entry might exist unchanged for a very long time.

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When using the default search or Advanced with default checkboxes (for me that seems to be just main space), I get the one Draft result. Main space + Draft checked yields 2 results with exactly the same title but different timestamps.

Main + Draft talk (but Draft unchecked) yields no results at all.

Any other examples of this happening or it's just this one draft?

Last week I saw 2 or three like this, but now just the one. Maybe somebody fixed one or two?

Digging deeper, I see that I made edits to Draft:myCUmortgage; Draft:SmileCareClub; and Draft:Priscilla Faia. The only reason I found them back then was that they had errors that I was searching for in the Article namespace. These are still found in both namespaces: search "each of which is worn for three weeks before progressing" to find one. Search "Chloe Price was shot in the line of duty" to find another. Search "when CUNA Mortgage sold its business to PHH" to find the third one.

other searches for the record:

  • intitle:myCUmortgage
  • intitle:slaptop
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It was probably due to inconsistencies that are now fixed automatically by the Sanitizer (ref T139200).