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Direct links to Phabricator bugs in gerrit commit messages result in messed up markup
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This bug is more or less useless now that I know that gerrit automatically has Phabricator bug-linking already, but since it might affect others who are oblivious to this knowledge, I figured it was worth reporting.

Placing the URL for a Phabricator bug in the commit message of a gerrit patch results in some very weird markup due to what appears to be attempted replacement of the Txxxxx section of the link.

Reproduction steps:
Create a gerrit patch with a link to a Phabricator bug in the commit message.


Sorry if I've added this to the wrong project/group.

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Qgil added subscribers: QChris, Qgil. explains how Phabricator tasks should be linked. Pasting full URLs of Phabricator tasks conflicts with these guidelines so, in my opinion, that would be the first problem to solve.

Proposing Invalid resolution for this task, but @QChris is the right person to decide.

Hi @jhobs. Thanks for taking the time to report this!
This particular problem has already been reported into our bug tracking system as T75997, but please feel free to report any further issues you find. Further handling of the reported issue happens in T75997.