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[Story] Support unit conversion
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User story: A quantity is given in meter on a Wikidata item. It shall be displayed in an infobox in feet.

Open Questions

  • What and where does the user see conversions etc. ?
  • Will there be an api module?
  • Will there be preferences?
  • What is done with imperial/metric systems?

Random collection of thoughts on unit conversion:

  • Convert based on info provided by GnuUnits
  • Conversion works between units that have a common base unit (with an appropriate factor)
  • Conversion takes into account the precision interval to determine the significant number of digits.
  • Support linear conversions (factor and offset)
  • Need separate types for absolute vs. relative temperature
  • Historical units are not convertible
  • Currencies are units, but not convertible
  • No conversion of unit-less numbers.
  • Pseudo-units for "count", "factor", "coefficient", "ratio", etc?

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