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fundraiser banner too big and makes it hard for users to get to link to log in
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"The fundraiser banner seems too big, taking up almost a quarter of the main page."
"I don't oppose the foundation advertising their fundraiser. But the sheer largeness of the fundraiser banner itself I find slightly absurd. Why does there need to be a full payment form at the top of the screen? It makes scrolling down with the sudden pop of it at the top of the screen hard. And for registered users makes it hard to reach for the 'login' button."

I have personally had an issue with the fundraiser banner making it difficult to login, especially on my mobile device in forced desktop mode where I need to scroll down three whole screens to get to login link.

Cf. T74013

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I don't think that opening yet another place (Phabricator, after a thread on the mediawiki-l mailing list and some other Village Pump alike on-wiki places with comments about it) for this discussion (which has partially objective criteria but also subjective feelings on disturbing some things are) is helpful. Prefering to not have discussions scattered...

A better place to discuss this seems to be - can you please bring it up there? Thanks!
(And the wikimedia-fundraising IRC channel on Freenode is another option for direct contact.)

Agreed with @Aklapper. Let's close this and keep it on Meta for now. Thanks!

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Pending discussion on Meta.

isn't this an exact duplicate of T74013?