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Bulk action for revision delete on user contributions
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Feature request: bulk action for revision deletion on user contributions on enwiki.

At present, admins have access to a bulk action via tickboxes and a "delete/undelete selected revisions" box on page histories, but to revdel multiple edits across multiple pages from Special:Contributions the only option is to do them one-by-one, which is extremely frustrating during sprees of obscene vandalism (see, for example, Given the function already exists for page histories, and that the 'hideuser' right (part of the oversight package) has a very similar function, I'm guessing it shouldn't be too difficult to make something like this.

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The same holds for editing (especially removing) tags now. Special:Contributions should use the same system as page histories and logs.
Edit : to clarify, tags can't be edited directly from Special:Contributions since it doesn't have the checkbox system that histories and logs have. It should also use this checkbox system for revision deletion, and tag editing should be added.

Change 210675 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cenarium):
Bulk revision deletion and tag editing from contributions