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Fix officewiki talk subpages that were archived but not Flow-enabled
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The namespace conversion to Flow on the WMF private officewiki processed several talk subpages assuming they would become Flow boards, but that didn't happen (T76772). We need to

  1. Idenfity those subpages.
  2. Evaluate which of those should be Flowified (e.g.a scratch test subpage need not be).
  3. Enable Flow on that subset.
  4. Manually repair the other talk subpages, e.g. move its Archive_1 sub-subpage back over it and leave it a regular wikitext page.

Until we enable T76778 the only way to enable Flow on a subpage is to add it to $wgFlowOccupyPages.

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(Moved out of Community-Relations where we don't have a board. Sorry for the noise.)