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Use consistent interface text for search caption in all skins
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In the side bar of normal context pages, in the "Search" Combo box, different skins inconsistently use, or do not
use, different elements of text. These are:


  1. (nothing) [..user input box..] [Button {{Wikimedia:Go}}] [Button {{Wikimedia:Search}}]
  2. (nothing) [..user input box..] [Button {{Wikimedia:Go}}] [Button {{Wikimedia:Search}}]


  1. (nothing) [..user input box..] [Button {{Wikimedia:Search}}]
  2. (nothing) [..user input box..] [Button {{Wikimedia:Go}}] [Button {{Wikimedia:Search}}]

Cologne Blue:

  1. {{Wikimedia:qbfind}} [..user input box..] [Button {{Wikimedia:Go}}] [Button {{Wikimedia:Search}}]
  2. {{Wikimedia:qbfind}} [..user input box..] [Button {{Wikimedia:Go}}] [Button {{Wikimedia:Search}}]

Chick, Simple, Monobook, MySkin:

  1. {{Wikimedia:Search}} [..user input box..] [Button {{Wikimedia:Go}}] [Button {{Wikimedia:Search}}]

Most specifically the last Version, where the combo is labelled with the "Search" button text, is imho hardly
usable in many languages.

I suggest using the "Cologne Blue" format identically throughout all skins, since it's the most flexible one.

I also suggest adding a 4th, trailing text, for those languages that need one.

Suggested default values:
Wikimedia:qbfind = 'Search for:' / 'Find' / 'Locate' / etc.
Wikimedia:Go = 'as page title'
Wikimedia:Search = 'inside page texts'
new trailer = ''

See also Bug #577

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

Removing bogus dupe; this is nothing to do with the buttons.

jimmy.collins wrote:

Fixed in r16716.