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Impossible to find Phabricator task from Mingle card
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As far as I can see, there is no way to locate the Phabricator equivalent of a Mingle card. (This is in part due to search sucking so much in Phab - e.g. it should be possible to find T77739 by searching for 861 or but neither actually works.)

Is there any way to comment the Phab number in Mingle, or set the Mingle number in the reference field in Phab?

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Works for me:

@chasemp told me yesterday that the indexer was backlogged and it took a while for new tasks to be indexed, maybe it caught up since you tried.

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Indeed. works now as expected. If this is typical behavior or Phabricator, it would be worth filing a bug (waiting for 2 days for a bug to be searchable is not very nice), but I'll defer on that to someone who is more familiar with average indexing performance.

It's a backlog due to the one-time import of Git repos and daemon performance. It shouldn't back up like this again.