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Links in the task description are not searchable
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It should be possible to find T77739 by searching for 861 or but neither actually works.

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Not even searching for the exact title works. Maybe this is just a speed-of-indexing issue? (T77739 was migrated over 48 hours ago; it was a mass migration, but not huge, maybe a few thousand tickets.) Or are tasks created via Conduit not getting indexed?

Indexing for elastic search has been lagging, fixes in the recent upgrade seem to be chewing through the queue but still haven't gotten to 0

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Searching for "" brings this task as single result. To me this means that links in the task description are indeed searchable, but for some reason some of the Mingle migrated tasks are not indexed yet. Resolving this task, although we need to keep an eye on the indexing of Mingle tasks.

Searching the exact title does work now both in the general search and the search query you posted above ( So some indexing seems to be happening.

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