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Adding a blocker results in "edited tasks, added: 1; removed: 1"?
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Uh? What's that supposed to mean?

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This message comes when adding one or more tasks while removing one or more tasks. I'm not happy about it either. The usefulness of this details only comes with the detail of the tasks involved.

We should probably upstream this.

We should probably upstream this.

Do you volunteer? :) There are currently 15 "ready to go" tasks, the upstreamers probably need help.

Is there consensus for this to be upstreamed for Wikimedia? I think it could be upstreamed independently...

I also think this task can be upstreamed independently. I believe it is a "regression". Before you would see both tasks mentioned.

Upstream comment by Evan:

To resolve this:

  • Convert TYPE_TASK_DEPENDS_ON_TASK and TYPE_TASK_DEPENDED_ON_BY_TASK to modern EdgeType classes (see for an example).
  • Provide appropriate get...String() implementations.
  • Implement English translations in PhabricatorBaseEnglishTranslation.
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Resolved upstream thanks to a patch created by @Krenair. Thank you!