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Notification page describes events with ignored sub-events
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Off topic description split from T76098:

Web notifications for multiple actions only show "updated subscribers"

Related report upstream:

When users do multiple actions at once, the first one being reported is "updated subscribers", and on web notifications is the only update declared. This creates confusion among users that have disabled web notifications for "updated subscribers" actions. Since this is the less relevant of the actions, it should be listed the last, not the first. Maybe web notifications should include all of the actions and not the first one?

In theory, this problem has been fixed upstream just a few hours ago, as part of a bigger task:

Resolving now, but needs to be re-checked after T78243: Next Phabricator upgrade on YYYY-MM-DD (to be defined)

Original task description: contains "Jane023 updated subscribers of T54564: Allow sitelinks to wikipedia and wikivoyage redirect pages to fix the 'Bonnie and Clyde problem'.Wed, Dec 10, 10:48" but Jane023 actually added a comment, and I even set subscription changes to "Ignore" in my preferences.

When multiple sub-events happen "at once", it might be hard to pick one to tell the user about in the web notification row about the event; but certainly the subevents I ignore are not the ones to pick.

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This has nothing to do with the task it was merged to.

Under "Maniphest Tasks" on I set "Ignore" for "A task's subscribers change" a week ago.

I went through the last four days' (Thu-Sun) 1000 notifications on and I did not find a single "updated subscribers" string.

Hence assuming that T78243 fixed this issue and closing this task.
Please reopen if I misunderstood and if my steps to reproduce were somehow incorrect.