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SQL user/grant for phabricator statistics script
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for T1003, we would like to run a script on the phabricator database to fetch various statistical values (like "how many tickets created" and much more)

in i'd be using a shell script to access the db, like we did in Bugzilla

you see that i could just use the existing "appuser" and password but it has been pointed out by Chase that a separate user would be better and i agree

can you make one more user/grant like "phmetrics" or "phstats" and add it to passwords::mysql::phabricator ($metrics_user = 'phmetrics' .. ?

it should be allowed to connect from server iridium to the phabricator prod db on m3-master and it should be _read-only_ so that even if a script update messes up it can't do any damage. we will just need to select so far from database "phabricator_maniphest"

P.S. should there be a phabricator project called "SQL" or "DB-related" or "DB access requests" or something?

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Added to passwords::mysql::phabricator $metrics_user (phstats) and $metrics_pass.

Granted SELECT on phabricator_maniphest.* to phstats@iridium.

Thank you Sean. Patch amended using the new metrics user.

re-opening, because now we have an additional requirement. In T1003 we have been asked to add another query but it access a different database, the "phabricator_user" database as opposed to just the "phabricator_maniphest" database.

Could you additionally give this user read-only access to db "phabricator_user"? Thanks

phstats now has access to both phabricator_maniphest and phabricator_user.