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Phabricator should have two different notification levels
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I subscribed to some projects. I would like to get notifications about

  1. tasks assigned to me
  2. tasks I was active in
  3. tasks that belong to the project I'm watching

with different priority. Instead, I see one blue thing at the left top where everything is put into one notifications channel where I have no idea what to look at first and what to look at last. Would we be able to do something about that?

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Have you fine tuned to your preferences?

What about setting email notifications for these 3 types of tasks you mention, and then web notifications / ignore notifications for the rest?

That's peculiar. 3 things may happen, —

  1. someone makes a change to a task within a project I'm watching,
  2. someone makes a change to a task I'm watching (be that me or not),
  3. someone makes a change to a task I'm assigned to,

— and in the link you gave, I don't see a way to differentiate between them. It only is granular enough to pick up the type of change, but not why I'm watching the task. That's quite a miss, because...

\3) I am assigned to no tasks (0),
\2) I actively watch selected few tasks I have active interest in (about 3-4), and
\1) the other tasks "within a project I'm watching" are an even lower priority (>50).

It's somewhat important for me to find a way to differentiate between all these things. I'm not seeing it.

"Watching" a project is the same as subscribing to every single task related to it + being notified about any mentions about this project elsewhere. If you are overwhelmed about the amount of notifications you are getting, a first step is to be more selective in the projects you are watching.

Users will be able to fine tune their notifications with great precision as soon as we resolve T630: Enabling Herald (soon, hopefully). Meanwhile, you can play with Herald in See

I propose to decline this task, as there are already enough possibilities to get notifications in Phabricator.

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