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[Task] Move entity suggester blacklist to a MediaWiki-page
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The blacklist is now hardcoded in the Wikibase-configuration file. It would be better to make a MediaWiki-page for it, so the configuration file can fetch the blacklisted properties from that page. This way we don't need to make requests here every time.

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Just discussed this a bit with @aude and @daniel. One option would be to put a filter into commons.js and maintain the list there.

I'm also okay with that, everything is better than this. :)

Someone just added, is it possible to make a script that will fetch properties with that item-id?

Writing such a script is totally possible.

Due to missing simple queries, I will make a list of all Properties having 'obsolete property' by analyzing a dump with wikidata data. But then it's not nicely and dynamic. But at least you don't have to research them manually.

Just wrote a tiny and very slowly script, whicht found only four properties- P357, P107, P198 and P643. Is this a realistic number? Or are there supposed to be more?
The script is here:

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Could this be connected to some story or epic?