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Provide a possibility to suppress preview in mobile frontend.
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It would be very helpful if there was a possibility to suppress "preview" after "edit" in the mobile frontend.

I believe our use case is quite broad: We are using MediaWiki as a cooperation tool in a small enterprise. Practically all our information flow is organized via MediaWiki. We like it.

Now we are deploying the mobile frontend. Since all our users are experienced with the Wiki UI and we manage information for a small number of people, we do not need the extra preview-and-confirm page and our users are complaining that it slows done their edit cycle.

We checked the source and did not find an easy place to interfere with the preview cycle. With a bit of help we might be able to manage this and contribute to the project.

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Shouldn't be difficult. Ideally this should be done as a global variable set in LocalSettings.php

@Florian maybe we could have an $wgMFEditorOptions which handles this and anonymous editing amongst other things?

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Please don't forget to add projects to new tasks.

@Jdlrobson A config var itself should be really easy (a merge of editor related options, iirc only anonymous edit, too). One question (i will do that :)): Should this be handled by a configuration on Special:MobileOptions, too? Idk how wikimedia users think about the preview step :)

No just LocalSettings.php for the time being. Let's keep it simple.
I've been thinking about also using configuration to set the default editor (since Wikidata and Wikisource both need editors so bear that in mind as a possible future config option (defaultEditorClass) when writing this :-))

Change 179863 had a related patch set uploaded (by Florianschmidtwelzow):
Provide a possibility to suppress preview in mobile frontend


Change 179863 merged by jenkins-bot:
Provide a possibility to skip preview in mobile frontend