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alter interwiki text for ky: 'Kırgızca' -> 'Кыргызча'
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Author: wmf.amgine3691

OTRS complaint regarding the current text which may be interpreted as "damn
kyrghzy link", prefer simple noun for the language. Confirmed with translators,
external sites

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Severity: trivial



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Huh? Using latin script adds the meanings of "damn" and "link" to
a simple noun?

In what universe is 'Kırgızca' not latin script? Those are
clearly Latin letters (including the Turkish dotless i).

robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

Well, it's not latin script, but see for yourself:

Not all of us are in the OTRS cabal.

The super-secret OTRS message appears to be simply complaining
that the word is written in Latin script, where Cyrillic would be

At one point the writer says "god damn" apparently to express his
anger and surprise that the wrong orthography is used. The text
doesn't say "damn kyrghzy link" or anything like it.