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Missing Sandbox link alongside Username and Talk page in top right menu.
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Users can create Sandbox pages where they can experiment and submit articles for review. Though, this feature exists inherently on all Wikimedia projects, Sandbox link doesn't appear in the top menu on Telugu Wikipedia. Please add his feature on Telugu Wikipedia.

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Though, this feature exists inherently on all Wikimedia projects

Uh? Please explain which Wikimedia projects you checked except for en.wp.
As far as I know, "Sandbox" is entirely en.wp specific and a gadget, see

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The “submit articles for review” part hints to a wish to use the Drafts extension.

This extension isn't ready for production and doesn't see a big development activity.

Furthermore, the AfC process isn't optimal: it creates a queue of articles difficult to process and review, with an huge backlog (there are frequent drives to clean a 4 months backlog). The denial rate seems on en. to be rather heavy, as it mainly welcomes spams and non notable topic creations. Thus, one of the only advantage remaining for this worflow is the user could create an article without seeing it deleted as soon as they write it.

What fundamental issue are you trying to solve?

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This is currently not enabled on all Wikimedia projects although there are plans to do so (see T72499: Deploy SandboxLink extension to cluster and enable on wikis where it currently is a gadget).

To enable it on telugu wikipedia, you need to install the gadget locally there. Code can be found on this page. Ask a local sysop to install the gadget as usual..

As such, I am closing this task as invalid. If that is not what you meant, please reopen.