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HHVM segfault when not passing parameter by reference when required
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HHVM was segfaulting on every page view on enbetawiki for most of the day. However, api.php worked fine and all requests to esbetawiki worked as well. Giuseppe and I tracked it down to . We merged and that made the segfaults go away.

The bug seems to be triggered by not passing a reference into a parameter that's supposed to take a reference when using call_user_func_array:

function f ( $x, &$y, &$z ) {
    // Do something with $y (we don't know what exactly yet)

$a = 'foo';
$b = array( /* stuff here */ );
$c = null;
call_user_func_array( 'f', array( $a, $b, &$c ) ); // Note: should have been array( $a, &$b, &$c )

HHVM stack trace: P154

[16:08]	_joe_	RoanKattouw: Hooks::run(BitmapHandlerCheckImageArea, Array) called at [/srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/media/TransformationalImageHandler.php:600 this is thwat I get as a php stacktrace

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This happened while calling the BitmapHandlerCheckImageArea hook. It's called by includes/media/TransformationalImageHandler.php:600 in MW core, and it's listened to by onBitmapHandlerCheckImageArea in VipsScaler_body.php in the VipsScaler extension.

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Declining per T192166.