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Warning on editing other user's userpage
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Often, a user trying to write a message to another user uses a user: page instead of the talk page.

So, when editing another user's page, an edit warning should be given.

(See also bug 2352 – "New feature to automatically protect user: page".)

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A patch implementing this feature request


robchur wrote:

Don't see any massive benefit to this, to be honest. Users tend to go for the
"new section" link in a lot of cases, and would notice its absence from the user

(In reply to comment #2)

This affects mainly the case when the user's page is nonexistent -- a user intending to write a message clicks on
a red link without noticing it leads to the user page instead of the talk page (i.e. in the case when you don't
use either [edit] or [+]). I see that quite often on cs:. Of course, when you are writing to a long-term user, you
are likely to notice the difference between a userpage and a talkpage. :-)

gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

Don't see any massive benefit to this, to be honest. Users tend to go for the
"new section" link in a lot of cases, and would notice its absence from the user

When trying to contact users in wikies using other scripts or languages it still
happens that user pages get edited by accident.

Is there any _negative_ aspect of this? There is a positive one for sure,
because this does happen. See e.g.
or take a look at [[en:Special:Log/move]] and notice it there, too.

robchur wrote:

Added in SVN trunk, r14768, although I didn't use the provided patch.

Reopening, obviously reverted in SVN immediately, r14769

Interest seems to be lost (apparently, it's not still causing problems). Marking as WONTFIX for now.

I have no idea how you came to “interest seems to be lost”. (And “it’s not still causing problems?” Has anything changed? OBTW on test.wp, there is a modified version [[MediaWiki:Editing]], so that the information shows up at least in the page caption.) I have filed a feature request (not a bug report!), and provided a working patch. That patch has been rejected, and the alternative solution reverted immediately as broken. After that, this request has been ignored.

I am not sure what should I have done to make the “interest not seem to be lost”? Update the patch every week to keep it up to date with the current trunk, and let it be ignored anyway? Bug some developer every day on IRC? Is that really necessary?

Marking a feature request WONTFIX because it is a bad idea, or because it cannot be easily implemented into MediaWiki, etc., that’s fine with me. But marking a feature request (and such a simple one!) as WONTFIX just because everyone ignores it?

Never mind, I’ll keep my JavaScript.

petr.adamek wrote:

I definitelly agree with Mormegil. This request make sense for me and if suggested sollution is wrong, the reason should be explained.

Rob's patch with a namespace check


*** Bug 16997 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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