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[Task] Test actual search logic
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"Perhaps I'm missing something, but at least for the QuantityHandler, I could not see where the actual search behavior is tested. E.g. if I search for 12+/-2, the value 11+/-1 should be fouund, but the value 10+/-5 should not. This needs to be tested somewhere."

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@Lydia_Pintscher @thiemowmde why the raised priority and new activity here? I was under the impression we where not continuing with our own queries. Do we have a new plan?

We might come back to this for what we currently call "stupid queries". But we obviously can not use a component with zero integration tests. The integration tests are there but not reviewed and not merged for 13 months now:

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We decided to not work on this given that the SPARQL endpoint seems to be working well and covering most usecases.