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Support query continuation for Nearby requests
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Infinite scroll with Nearby has been requested and would be awesome:

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FYI, the default continuation mode for action=query just changed.

Ricordisamoa renamed this task from Support "Query-Continue" for Nearby requests to Support query continuation for Nearby requests.Jul 2 2015, 9:42 AM
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fwiw, the CirrusSearch search engine now supports nearby keywords and does pagination. Results are not sorted by distance like Special:Nearby, but various boosting tricks can achieve similar results

CXuesong added a subscriber: CXuesong.EditedJan 19 2020, 4:59 AM

Just want to let you know now we have some dependency on the continuation support of action=query&list=geosearch XD (T95241 has been merged into this task)

There seems no way we can skip first several items in the result list, either. Is there anything we may help to expedite this?

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