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Confusing error message in Flow when there is a conflict of comments being posted (needs to be reproduced)
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Forwarding a report in

When two users are trying to post a comment at the same time in a Flow page, both get this confusing error message:

You have not sufficient permissions to perform this action

In this case both users were ol' vets, and soon they figured out what was happening (a conflict of edits). Regular users will get surely puzzled by this message.


A message explaining why your comment isn't posted yet, and what needs to be done to publish it.

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This is not intended to cause an edit conflict (since unlike talk pages, each comment is a separate entity). This requires investigation. The cause might also be something else.

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Just tried, and cannot reproduce.
I used to account to:

So, I think the hypothesis about the origin of the error message that was received, might be wrong?

Qgil added a subscriber: KRLS.Aug 27 2015, 11:00 PM

Reading the original description, I think the test needs to be done by two users using this sequence:

  1. Someone creates a topic.
  2. User1 and User2 see the topic in their browser windows.
  3. User1 posts a reply.
  4. Without refreshing the page, User2 posts a reply.

The original report says that both users were having problems, which is weird. Maybe they pressed the button exactly at the same time... but then again they said they were trying repeated times.

I haven't seen or heard about this problem since then (8 months ago), so perhaps it was a sole weird event, and this task can be closed now...

KRLS added a comment.Aug 27 2015, 11:25 PM

Last months, there were several conflict editions in flows pages of and anybody say about this type of message. Maybe, We could close this task because this strange error message haven't repeated more and it seems an unusual case.

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Ok, I'll close for now, and we can re-open if it appears again. Thanks!

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