Provide puppet deploy tag for synchronization of phabricator upstream version deployed on main with phabricator development instances in labs
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Hey Christopher. I don't know that I understand fully your proposal for using upstream differential DXXX's as local deploy tags (I think that was the suggestion). If that is the case I don't think we are going to do that. There is an arc patch branch currently in our local phab repo but it is really a special case of waiting on the mediawiki oauth provider to be integrated upstream. So far we have tried a few approaches to our own release tracking but always the

Puppet configuration is canonical. It should even reflect the labs role tracking production, but I know that some of the labs instances may currently be lacking a primary caretaker and so are stale.

The tag works and I understand how you are doing it now. You are creating a local branch and tagging your patches to the branch. I assumed that you were not merging local changes and were just pulling from them directly.

The issue with puppet in labs was that once I refreshed the puppet master from the operations repository, a new password module was added to the phabricator role and the agent failed. It is fixed, so I am closing this task.

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