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remove operations-apache-config-lint on operations/mediawiki-config
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The repo operations/mediawiki-config runs the jenkins check "operations-apache-config-lint" which will always fail because of:

./refreshDomainRedirects: No such file or directory

The Apache config used to be in operations/apache-config in the past, then it got moved into the mediawiki module inside operations/puppet, but it never was in operations/mediawiki-config afaik. The file refreshDomainRedirects can be found in
./modules/mediawiki/files/apache/sites/redirects/refreshDomainRedirects in operations/puppet but not here.

Let's disable this here, instead make sure it does run on operations/puppet if files under mediawiki/files/apache are touched, if possible.

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example links:
operations-apache-config-lint FAILURE in 29s (non-voting)
./refreshDomainRedirects: No such file or directory

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Change 180994 had a related patch set uploaded (by Krinkle):
Don't run operations-apache-config-lint on operations/mediawiki-config


It was enabled in change 3ecc0a8d52 in integration/zuul-config. I guess the idea was that, since the actual docroots are in operations/mediawiki-config, it'd be nice to verify that changes in there don't break or remove an actively used docroot. However for that to work properly, the job would have to fetch apache config and re-arrange the workspaces accordingly (zuul-cloner maybe).

But as it is, that change added a job to mediawki-config that always fails...

Change 180994 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't run operations-apache-config-lint on operations/mediawiki-config

Krinkle closed this task as Resolved.Dec 19 2014, 12:06 AM