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U8. Make ES configuration management maintenance script
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Maintenance script to manage (production) ES config, like:

  • set analyzers (= how ES indexes columns internally, so it knows how to interpret which datatypes, e.g. stem words, …)
  • validate/fix cache warmers, shard allocation, number of shards, replica range, amount of shards per node, index aliases
  • force reindex data

All of that was in Cirrus already, but not extendable. See T78786 for that.
Above patch is Flow-specific, re-using refactored (now extendable) pieces from Cirrus.

Revisions and Commits

rEFLW extension-Flow
rMEXT MediaWiki Extensions

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Change 161251 had a related patch set uploaded (by Matthias Mullie):
Flow ES config


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