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Implement Flow search frontend
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I haven’t broken this ticket down yet. Similar to TOC, we can create lots of smaller tasks.
I’m not at all familiar with how TOC works & I guess we’ll reuse some of that too, so I could use some help to break this up into smaller pieces.

Whatever the interface for end-users will look like, we'll probably have to make sure it isn't visible when no Extension:CirrusSearch, Extension:Elastica or Elasticsearch is available? (3rd party wikis using Flow)

Current mockups:

There’s a very barebones Special:FlowSearch patch already, at
It hasn’t been updated in awhile (probably trivial rebase) - not sure if we’ll want to keep this around, was more of a POC (although it has the benefit of having an url to link to)

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For the most part, this is not blocked on T78787, since we can (mostly) use default ES config on our development devices.
The only thing I can think of that we'll be blocked on T78787 for, is highlighting.

All that's needed is, which will allow you to index data & call an API to get search results.

See on how to set that up.

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