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Highlight blocking team dependencies with 'blocked-on<team>' tags
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Per discussion at the SoS and on the engineering list:

  • Name: 'blocked-on-<team>', for each team
  • Description: Marker tag for blocking dependencies on other teams
  • Type of project: Tag; red ! icon works well graphically

I'm happy to create these if there are no objections.


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Have added a list of each of the teams given a quick scan of previous SoS minutes. Have I got them all?

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I'm just concerned about goodwilling users and developers adding these tags to tasks unrelated to Scrum-of-Scrums, unaware of this specific process. If all these tags have a clear template description and you don't mind having to triage some occasional task landing accidentally there, I personally see no problem in this request, as long as all these teams are ready to use them actively (which is the case, as you all have agreed on a process).

Pinging @Aklapper, although we are approaching the RT migration period...

Please use a common format for all these projects: tag icon, yellow background, Title Case, dashes between words.

PS: ah, whoever fixed the labels was fast. :)

Please don't create the "blocked on platform" tag. I'm assuming people mean "Blocked on MediaWiki Core" when they say that.

GWicke added a comment.EditedDec 18 2014, 7:02 PM

I went ahead and created the first set of tags.

@Qgil: Your point on adding a clear description is well taken. I added a simple description that emphasizes that it is reserved fur urgent blockers only. I'm sure it can be improved.

Whatever solution we choose can be abused. But hey, I hear people built an encyclopedia by entrusting random strangers with edits. Maybe we can be a bit daring here as well, and re-evaluate if abuse turns out to be a significant problem in practice.

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Resolving this request, as the first batch is done.

"Urgent" is not defined.

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