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Make a SpecialPage to show stats on blocked IP (ranges) that attempt to edit
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In order to evaluate collateral damage caused by IP blocks, with emphasis on range blocks, it would be nice to access information on blocked users who click the edit button.

(Information being the number of times the particular IP/range has attempted to edit)

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I imagine this is WMF Analytics' area?

Mike_V added a subscriber: Mike_V.Dec 17 2014, 11:43 PM

I imagine this is WMF Analytics' area?

I don't believe. To clarify it would be helpful for users (or some subset of users) to be able to view this information in real-time so that blocks may be adjusted in order to prevent as much collateral damage as possible.

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@Rjd0060 Why did you add Wikimedia-Site-requests to this? AFAICS, this is about adding a new MediaWiki special page, not about changing a configuration on a Wikimedia wiki.

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If there are concerns about identifying people against ranges, I am wondering whether something like this may be able to be actioned through <-> like abuse filters. They have a level of privacy, you have either the username or the IP address (depending on whether logged in or not) and the page that was attempted to be edited. A checkuser could always be undertaken to identify the specific range.

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