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Warn user when email confirmation is pending
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Author: fred

i requested to confirm my new account's email address. i got the confirmation
letter, but when i clicked on the enclosed link, i was taken to a mostly blank
page with the error message:

Confirm E-mail address
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the page URL was:

this happened to me twice, so i decided to report it.
is it possible that the email is sent before the user is actually added to the
user database? a third time worked and allowed me to confirm my email address.

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Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

I've fixed the bug (message name spat out, not content)...but the fact it shows
up suggests that the confirmation code wasn't registering. Could be lag if it
comes off a slave.

  1. Was this the only confirmation mail you received, or did you receive multiple?
  2. Did you simply take the confirmation mail sent when you registered, or did you

request a second one through preferences?

  1. Was this the complete link in the mail, or was part of the code on a second line?

I can confirm there is no account on the wiki with that code now; this indicates
that you requested another confirmation after this one.

fred wrote:

regarding brion's questions:

  1. i received one confirmation, then tried to confirm it, and got the error. at

that point, i tried again. the second attempt failed also. the third try
worked, although i don't actually remember hitting the confirm button a third
time. but i probably did.

  1. my account was set up, but not confirmed. i clicked confirm on the settings

page. if there was supposed to be an initial automatic email confirmation, that
did not seem to happen. but it would explain the third email confirmation. it
actually seems more likely to me now that i requested a confirmation letter
because i didn't know that one would automatically be generated. then the
ordering of answering the wrong emails could have caused this problem.

  1. the link was complete; it wasn't an issue with multiple line links or spaces

in the middle.

is it possible that the email status could say "confirmation pending" rather
than just "not confirmed"? if there's an automatic email confirmation process,
i wasn't aware of it and didn't see anything in the interface to alert me to that.

Yes, that would make sense. Will try to make that happen...

robchur wrote:

Brion fixed this back in r18320.