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Ignore template inclusions for calculating special:wantedpages
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Author: mathias.schindler

[[Special:Wantedpages]] is actually a useful tool in search for pages that need
attention in many ways. Currently, Wikilinks to unwritten pages do count in this
reflects currently more or less pages that are wanted because they appear in a
single template (navigation bar) on 160 pages.
does not differenciate between links from real pages or just via inclusions.

It would be nice if Special:Wantedpages gave the option only to count single
pages that do include the Wikilink without template inclusions.

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: enhancement



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I'm unsure about of what behavior is the best. Maybe add it as an option "Don't
count templates"?

But if i remember well the db structure, it's not easily feasible. Sorry.

First, this is impossible with the present database structure.

Second, IMO it wouldn't really make sense to do. A link is a link
is a link; just because you made the link using a template
doesn't make it "not real". It's just as real, just as present,
just as clickable, and just as red.

The problem this proposal seeks to address could probably be better solved by
implementing some form of Bug 5864: Allow filtering Special:Wantedpages by

In fact, simply unconditionally ignoring links from outside NS_MAIN would
probably address many of the issues presented. Not sure if there are legitimate
uses of Special:Wantedpages that it'd break, though.

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