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Add spacing in the boxes "edit is minor" and "watch this"
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Author: rotemliss

In the boxes "edit is minor" and "watch this", and in "watch this" and "ignore
warnings" in the upload page, the boxes are very close to the text. I suggest to
add a space between the boxes themselves and the text, and between each box to

For example, now it's:

XEdit is minorXWatch this

(It is not shown that way, but it's so in the code.)

I suggest:

X Edit is minor X Watch this

The fix should be done in includes/EditPage.php and in
includes/SpecialUpload.php, as far as I understand.

This fix should be backported to REL1_6, as it's very minor.

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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rotemliss wrote:

Patch (trunk)

This patch fixes the problem. By the way, the problem is already fixed in the
upload page. Patch for REL1_6 is coming soon.


rotemliss wrote:

Patch (REL1_6)

The same.


Adding an \n ? Wouldn't be better using a table and having them centered below
the comment textbox?

I didn't undertand it well. It's ok as it's proposed.

Commited in:

  • trunk r14306
  • REL1_6 r14307

Should hit 1.6.6. Thanks for the patch!