Allow blocked users to edit their own talk page on the Commons
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Author: brianna.laugher

Hello, I didn't realise this feature was only set for en.wp and en.wn. Can it please be
set for the Commons, too?


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Severity: enhancement


bzimport set Reference to bz6052.
bzimport added a subscriber: Unknown Object (MLST).

brian wrote:

What about allowing blocked users to edit their own
user page and talk page on all wikis, unless there is a
good reason not to do so (I guess this would require
software changes and widespread policy changes, but I
think it's a good idea)?

brian wrote:

It's particularly frustrating for a user acting in good
faith to get a long message on their talk page,
possibly from the admin who blocked them, and have no
way of responding to it.

wikt.3.connelm wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)


Was this for all Wikimedia projects, or just Commons?

Just Commons. I've just blocked my test account in my project and I couldn't
edit the talk page afterwards. It would be nice to enable it generally. However,
the page locks should still work if the page really needs to be locked for the

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