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Apply filter to checkuser usage log
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Author: stanley

The current checkuser log contains checkuser usage from all wikimedia projects.
In order to make control easier, please add filter to show log by person who
perform CheckUser and by project (such as usage on en.wikipedia only, or usage
on meta.wikimedia only).

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 9:19 PM
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robchur wrote:

This is going to be near impossible, performance and logic-wise, with our
current logging format.

lar wrote:

Note that a workaround for this is to just do a search... the current log function allows searching of text strings and only presents the results found. This gives the ability to filter, after a fashion. For example to see all events in the log that relate to checks done on the meta wiki, submit this query:

(the key is saying "on metawiki" as the query as "on " narrows down to which wiki was done)

Similarly to show all queries done by me, submit this query:

(the key is saying "Lar got" as the query as " got" narrows down to who performed the check)

(in both cases you may have to change the starting point of the URL to a wiki where you have checkuser rights for this example to work for you... I have CU on meta so it works for me there)

This is not perfect, you may get a few false positives because of what people say in the remarks/reasons but it should suffice. I use it all the time. It might be nice to write this up somewhere, if someone can suggest where, I will do so.

I believe this is the enhancement request that was discussed on the checkuser mailing list a few weeks back, and I answered it this same way. Hope that helps.

lar wrote:

This filter does not support wildcarding the way the previous search function on the global log did. I can provide examples as required. I would request that this bug be reopened to track the need for partial searches. See examples on the checkuser-l mailing list dated today with subject line " Log search not quite right?" : which I can supply a copy of if desired.