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Replace existing uses of "go" with specific label messages
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The string {{WikiMedia:Go}} is used in various places, e.g. Special:Booksources, and some dozend+ page title and/or
content searches (See also bug 5818).
Since depending on language, button texts need to be worded differently on those different pages, they need to be
fed from different source strings in the MediaWiki-namespace.

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Severity: enhancement



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aliter wrote:

Since "Gean", translation of "Go", doesn't make any sense in Frisian, at the
time I used "Side", Page. (Whether it makes sense in English is a matter of bug
At that time it was possible to leave out certain pages, but as such cases now
show the default, I find the fy-wikis currently have a Book sources page that
sports a "Page"-button (Side) for those who want book information.

jimmy.collins wrote:

Fixed in r16716.