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where to get a wikitext dump of a wikipedia project
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Author: fjrial

I'from galician, spanish and i need the languageGl.php of the
(galician version of wikipedia), but there isn't the LanguageGl.php in the svn
server and I don't find where to download the dump of the wikitext table of the

I contacted with someone at and told me that he can´t give me
anything because he hasn't privileges to do that

Shouldn't they uploaded the LanguageGl.php to the svn server????

Any help will be appreciated



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fjrial wrote:

LanguageGl.php still isn't at the svn repository....

robchur wrote:

Apparently, it's falling back to English. Since Galician is a real language, it
might be appropriate for us to provide a stub LanguageGl.php file inheriting
from Spanish, and contact some speakers regarding internationalisation.

fjrial wrote:

it's not possible to get a wikitext table dump from the ????

fjrial wrote:

I think that you don't understand me: "I need the sql dump of the wikitext table
from the project please"
I only need to do "select * from wikitext;" from the database
and export the results.

I really need it because I work in an open source project to promote the use of
open source, and we need a wiki in our language (galician) for documentation to
our users..

Can anyone help me??,

(Sorry for writing this into bugzilla, but i tried in other places
(,,...) and no one answered)

robchur wrote:

We don't provide full SQL dumps of wiki text and haven't done so for a long
time. Wikimedia web sites use external storage clusters to hold page text, so a
full SQL dump is impractical.

We provide compressed dumps in our native XML format, which can be downloaded
and imported into MediaWiki using our standard tool. You could then export an
SQL dump yourself.