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Migration of Fundraising Tech team to Phabricator
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NOTE: The Fundraising Tech team is not part of the general call for a migration to Phabricator by the end of 2014, the reason being that it's high season for fundraising.

Still, whenever you have time, please let's track progress on the migration of this team to Phabricator. Feel free editing this task description.

  • Team member assigned to this task - @atgo
  • Link(s) to the current projects in Mingle, Trello, other -
  • (optional) Have you scheduled a team meeting with @Qgil to discuss the migration? (2014-12-11)
  • Blockers of the migration identified: (list the task numbers between {curly brackets})
  • Planned date for the migration/creation of a first real project: 2015-01-02
  • Do you plan to have all your projects moved by the end of 2014? No - it was madness for fundraising


  • More than half of our team members and ongoing sprints are working in Phabricator now (2015-01-09)
  • All our projects have been moved to Phabricator. Mission completion! (yyyy-mm-dd)

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As per T434 , in the following days I plan to scan the levels of use of Phabricator by all the WMF product & engineering teams. Please keep the description of this task up to date.

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@Qgil Closing because we're in. Still working out the bumps, but it'll be that way for a while :)

@atgo Thanks for taking the plunge, in spite of the remaining issues with the burndown extension.

@Eloquence already liking it way more than Mingle, and looking forward to Sprint/Burndown getting cleaned up. :)