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Edits not showing up properly on current version of Wikipedia article
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Author: oook.pz

We have been having trouble with this article on Wikipedia for a few weeks now.
See the article talk page for examples.

The problems we have been experiencing include:

  1. Edits done to the article appear in history, but do not appear on the page;
  2. A section of the article disappears from page when another section is edited;
  3. An old (days to weeks) version of the article appears on the page, although

no changes have been made.

For example, currently the article does not display the "Key events in stem cell
research" section added by me 4 days ago, although it was never deleted. The
version of the "Sources" section displayed is a couple of weeks old. These
problems basicly make it impossible for us to work on the article. Problem 1) is
probably the easiest to reproduce.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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ayg wrote:

According to the history, you removed the "Key events in stem cell research"
This may be the point 2 that you were referring to. As far as I can tell, the
most recent edits are showing up for me;
shows up, so does,
etc. I made an experimental edit
that showed up perfectly and immediately on the page itself. So, this isn't
reproducible for me, although clearly it's a problem.

May be a mis-synced page_latest entry in database.

Fixed by running fixSlaveDesync.