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Using PLURAL on Imagelisttext
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Author: aliter

I can't find documentation on either, but I'd like to use PLURAL on
Imagelisttext so it can say "This is a list of 1 image." Either I'm doing
something wrong, or it doesn't work, here.

(What I actually would prefer here is SWITCH-functionality, as it doesn't make
sense either to call it a "list" if there are 0/no items in it.)

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal



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robchur wrote:

Something like "Below is a list of '''$1''' {{plural:$1|file|files}} sorted $2."
should do it. I've updated the default for English to use this.

aliter wrote:

If that works for you, then must
be the problem, as the top of its page text becomes:

Below is a list of '''1''' files sorted datum.

(That's actual page text, where also the '''-s should have been evaluated. The 1
is correct, that's how I noticed the need for PLURAL.)

jimmy.collins wrote:

I have checked

Below is a list of 1 file sorted datum.

Seems to be OK now.

aliter wrote:

Appears to be OK now.