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Notification "closed TN ..., a task blocking ..." is not marked read by visiting one task
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I have several notifications in like:

Qgil closed T69589: Bugzilla response time: "Longest time without comment" is actually "Longest time without any comment by non-reporter"?, a task blocking T63561: Key performance indicator: Bugzilla response time, as "Declined".Tue, Dec 16, 09:15
  1. Subscribe to some tasks, wait for stuff to happen
  2. Visit and search for "a task blocking"
  3. Open one of the two tasks mentioned
  4. Refresh notifications

I. Observed: the notification is still unread.
II. Expected: it's not.

  1. Open both

III. Observed: now it might be marked read, but sometimes not. For instance, I can't get rid of this notification:

Lydia_Pintscher closed T73519: Unblock editing the item for Germany (Q183) (Was: Wikimedia Error page on), a task blocking T72716: cannot save badges on Q183 (Germany), as "Resolved".Mon, Dec 15, 15:35

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