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improve cron spam visibility
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right now cron spam is mostly unlooked at, however there might be real issues lurking

I think one of the problems is that there is no aggregation/deduplication so the same issue ends up with many emails and thus ignored, one way to tackle this would be to provide aggregation/deduplication so the real issue is easy to spot (and possibly fix) for example experimenting with would be a good start. In short cron wouldn't be reporting output via mail but rather via sentry which would then collate based on e.g. the command line

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also note that to test this easily we could either a dummy mailbox to receive cronspam and turn them into sentry messages, this way existing mails wouldn't be touched

@Volans This seems to be what you mentioned in last monitoring meeting when you suggested an Icinga alert for cronspam.

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@Dzahn thanks for pointing this out, I've merged in as duplicate the other task I had opened.

An option we discussed recently was to ingest mail generated by the servers into Logstash by either pulling events from a mailbox or piping off events at the mail servers. Once in ES, queries could be run and aggregated emails generated as a daily report and/or alerts generated via log alerting.

@herron has asked OIT if a bot inbox is possible.

Ingesting events from a mailbox will also help T230835. If the mx pipe option is chosen, it wouldn't be too difficult to adapt to that paradigm.