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Allow keyboard arrows to move between cells in a table
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I think it would be a good feature to use keyboard arrows to move within the cells of a keyboard table.

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Checked on Mac and Windows - cannot navigate within a table with arrow buttons(or a tab).

I can navigate with arrow keys (as long as a cell is "selected" (blue overlay) and not focused (has blinking cursor inside)), until I press the Tab key, at which point I am no longer able to navigate with arrow keys.

WFM too. Once you are editing the cell the arrow keys will move you around the paragraph.

My bad - yes, with blue overlay, arrows keys allow to navigate- that's right.

But in Google Tabs or MS Excell you can user arrows to leave table cell after the end of typing. Thats why it is confusing this to me. Can we enable such behaviour?

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Bug as filed is resolved.