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Create "ops-access-requests" project
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We used to have an "access-requests" queue on RT, which we'll need here as well, as a project.

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Project created: SRE-Access-Requests

Since this is part of the RT-Migration, it was created before waiting for a description, but please add it whenever you have time.

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we didnt migrate access requests yet, i think the creation of this project was premature.

(unless the rollout changed, i thought that both access requests and my procurement queues were still being handled in RT)

@Joe: access-requests@ and procurement@ queues are currently still handled in RT.
There are already three tickets in Phab under this project, not sure what to do with them.
Shall I temporarily archive this project? We can enable it again once we've migrated that queue from RT to Phab.

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I have approval from @mark to start handling these natively in Phab (we are going to give it a try here at least) while leaving RT still up for the moment.