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Flow no-JS doesn't highlight the post in a permalink
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When you follow a Permalink to a post, it does not get a green highlight bar if JavaScript is disabled. This is because JavaScript code handles the #flow-post-postUUID fragment on the URL.

But the permalink also passes in a URL query parameter, &topic_showPostId=postUUID , so server-side templating code could add class .flow-post-highlighted to the post's HTML if showPostId === postId.

(The alternative would be to not include &topic_showPostId in the Permalink URL, which would make for a simpler wiki link, just [ [Topic: TopicUUID # flow-post-postUUID ]]. But I think the flow_post.handlebars template uses the URL query parameter to show a moderated post that would otherwise be hidden.)

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I should note that it works for "reply" links such as
(which is good, and should be replicated for users who reply without following a "link to reply" - T91807)

the mentioned topic_showPostId can't be ommited as mentioned in the description, this parameter tells the backend to include the content of the post even if it was moderated to a state that is not included with the topic by default.