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Create new report: "By groups of language community"
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Create a new report that looks like the attached photo.

The report should have the following combination of "Language community size" and "Global North/South", as the scholarship count associated with each bucket:

  1. Small language community - Global North
  2. Small language community - Global South
  3. Medium language community - Global North
  4. Medium language community - Global South
  5. Large language community - Global South
  6. Large language community - Global North
  7. Multilingual community - Global North
  8. Multilingual community - Global South

"Language community size" will be taken from the database on languages, using the associated "Size" attribute. "Global North/South" will be taken from the database on countries, using the "Global North/South" attribute.

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Photo of report mock-up.

Wikimania_Scholarships_-_Report_by_language_group.JPG (2×3 px, 1 MB)

Change 181257 had a related patch set uploaded (by Niharika29):
[WIP] Add a report view - By language group


Change 181257 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add a report view - By language group

@NiharikaKohli Can you show me picture of this report?

Yeah, sure. Here:

If a particular group is empty, it does not show up in the report. I hope that's fine. I'm in the process of updating the demo server so you can check this out for yourself in a bit.

@NiharikaKohli As discussed last week, can we have this report do one of the following (not sure which is easier):

  • Only show those who have passed Phase 1
  • If showing both those who passed/failed Phase 1, sort to show those who passed Phase 1 first.

Just want to make it clear for the Committee that they should only review those that have passed Phase 1; right now it appears that both those who pass and fail Phase 1 are included in this report and it's up to the Committee member to check their Phase 1 score to see if they have to score it for Phase 2.

Change 183253 had a related patch set uploaded (by BryanDavis):
Show only phase 1 passing applications in language report


Change 183253 merged by jenkins-bot:
Show only phase 1 passing applications in language report