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Deploy multi-lock PoolCounter change
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Related Gerrit Patches:
mediawiki/extensions/PoolCounter : masterpoolcounter: Depends: adduser
mediawiki/extensions/PoolCounter : masterskip tests while building poolcounter deb

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Adding operations as the deb needs to be rebuild for poolcounter and it needs to be redeployed.

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This needs a better description of why and and what.

Change 184335 had a related patch set uploaded (by Filippo Giunchedi):
skip tests while building poolcounter deb


Change 184336 had a related patch set uploaded (by Filippo Giunchedi):
poolcounter: Depends: adduser



  • build and upload a new version of poolcounterd debian package
  • coordinate the poolcounter deployment, perhaps under SWAT?
    • namely this involves upgrading the poolcounter package on helium and potassium and restart in turn


  • multi-lock changes from Nik

Change 184336 merged by Filippo Giunchedi:
poolcounter: Depends: adduser

Change 184335 merged by jenkins-bot:
skip tests while building poolcounter deb

fgiunchedi closed this task as Resolved.Jan 13 2015, 3:42 PM
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resolving, changes deployed including

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