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floating white boxes
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Author: michael

I first noticed this issue looking at the Dr. Stangelove entry using Firefox
1.0.1. At first I was getting persistent boxes with fragments of text that
seemed to be from the entry laid over the text. As I scrolled down, the boxes
followed, but soon became blank. The obscured the text, and did not move as I
scrolled. They would only "jump" down after I had scrolled so that the box was
no longer visible. Then the empty white box would appear, laid over a new
section of the text, making the entry very difficult to read.

I have found this problem persisted as I have been trying to report it in
Wikipedia. I have visited other websites since this issue arose and have not had
the same problem.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
OS: Mac OS X 10.3
Platform: Macintosh



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Firefox 1.0.1 is long obsolete; try a modern version.

No such problems seen with Firefox on Mac OS X 10.4.