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Puppetize redirect configuration
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Split it from private emailaddress and put it in a public repo so everyone can see it.

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in the meantime where do they live now?

I was thinking it might be in a tool labs tool dedicated to just doing redirection. in which case we could add some more maintainers to help with this. But I don't see a tool in the directory that looks like that.

It's on a separate (non-Tools) project, for a number of reasons the primary of which is the privacy policy related (the logs the redirects generate - web and mail alike - are not sanitized of IP or referrer to allow inspection, and we have no clear idea yet were links to exist).

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Should include an smtp check as well.

Change 220134 had a related patch set uploaded (by coren):
Puppetize legacy server

Change 220134 merged by coren:
Puppetize legacy server

This is done, for the web redirects; email config needs a bit of architecture to do right.

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@coren This doesn't seem to be applied anywhere?

And it should be a module as well.

It was, indeed, never applied after the tests. D'oh. Fixed.

As to whether make it a module or a flat role; it was made a flat role because it was intended to be applied to exactly one instance. It could be changed, but I'm not sure what the benefit is of a single role, single purpose module?

Making it a module, if important, really should be a separate task.