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Enable direct editing of words by admin
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Edit the database entries (i.e., edit the words directly form the admin dashboard)

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I will mentor this in #GCI2015

@Ankitashukla: Could you improve the task summary here so a complete newcomer would know what to do? I'd have no idea what Spelling-Dictionary is, how to find out more about it, which steps I'd have to take, and what is specifically expected from me as a contributor (a patch in Gerrit that is +1'ed?). Thanks!

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@Ankitashukla: I am resetting the assignee of this task because there has not been progress lately (please correct me if I am wrong!).
Resetting the assignee avoids the impression that somebody is already working on this task. It also allows others to potentially work towards fixing this task.
Please claim this task again when you plan to work on it (via Add Action...Assign / Claim in the dropdown menu) - it would be welcome! Thanks for your understanding!

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