"Round" operator broken
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Author: zocky

{{#expr: 45 round 2}} returns "45" instead of "45.00" which would be the
expected behaviour and useful for aligning numbers.

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Severity: normal


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omniplex wrote:

Not really "broken", all expression results COULD
go through the same normalization at the end, and
that would strip trailing or leading zeros, force
scientific format below E-5 / above 1E12, etc.

Oddity, "round" does return -0 in some cases, so
if you'd want normalized results (the opposite of
your bug report) you have to add 0 to get rid of
the bogus minus sign in -0.

I didn't look at the new "formatnum" magic word,
does it help?

drspui wrote:

If the number of decimal places is given, it should round to that many places to
make it clear that the number is given with that precision. This is broken behavior.

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